Ashlee + Kevin | Langdon Hall Engagement | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met Ashlee + Kevin on a gorgeous June night at the hidden oasis of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, south of Kitchener, Ontario in the village of Blair.  This place has extra special meaning for these two, as Kevin is the current assistant head gardener and has been working at Langdon Hall for the last seven years.

We started off exploring the trails that criss-cross the grounds, laughing and soaking up the sunshine that was pouring through the treetops (and maybe swatting a mosquito or two!). Then we wound our way back toward the gardens, stopping at a berm covered in wildflowers before they snuggled under the pergola. These two are so easy together, laughing and playfully joking around to keep the mood light.

Next we ventured over to the greenhouse, my favourite spot of the evening, where Kevin has spent countless hours tending seedlings and planning gardens. The kitchen's store of cooking herbs are also in there and I loved watching him show Ashlee each plant, encouraging her to smell the various aromas.  Then I forced him to work (read: sweep. Don't tell his boss!) so that they could snuggle on the stairs.  It is really amazing how a 150-year-old greenhouse, shored up with cement and plywood to keep it standing, can become a romantic little haven in the right moment.

A stop on the croquet lawn was next, snuggling in a late-blooming variety of lilac and Kevin running his fingers through her hair (ruining her curls, but I say it was worth it!). We ended the night in the orchard, where they snuggled under the branches of the low trees that have witnessed many weddings over the years, before the new event centre, Firshade, was constructed.

Thank you both for trusting me to photograph you just as you are, adorable, so in love and damn hot!  Looking forward to covering Ash's side of the fence when we head to Steckle Heritage Farm next year for your wedding!

M xo

2016 | Kitchener Family + Wedding Photographer

There is so much to say and yet it is so hard to put into words what this year has been.  2016 was the year that I realized that the kind of family photography that moves my heart is less about posing and more about telling the story of a family through photographs.  It was also the year that I (sort of accidentally) became a wedding photographer. I say accidentally I had no real intention of doing more than a handful of weddings, just like the last couple of years.  But I soon discovered that uniquely personal, intimate weddings + elopements were totally my jam and that vibe went out into the world and I was booked for more weddings than ever before! Each and every one of you went on this journey with me.  You trusted me to capture your family or your wedding day, with an open mind and caring hearts.  You laughed with me and played  in the mud and water with me and ignored my sappy tears during your vows.  You let me into your lives for a few moments and for that I am truly grateful.  I do not take it for granted and as cheesy as it may sound, I really do feel honoured and priviledged to have that opportunity.

Looking back over this year, I see so many happy faces and joyful moments and that is exactly what I love.  I love happiness and it is a big reason why I am moved to photograph these moments for you all.  It is what I hope to see shining through every photo I take, even the serious ones. Because happiness isn't always laughter; sometimes it is feeling safe with the love of your life, or looking at your spouse as a parent and knowing that he or she is doing the best they can for your family.  Or it is seeing your child having fun and relaxing in front of my lens, when you were worried there might be a meltdown.  Happiness is in all of these little things.

More than anything else, I want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you to my clients for trusting me to be there with you in these special moments of your lives. Thank you to my friends and fellow photographers for your never-ending support, giving me great advice and making sure I am giving my very best.  Special shout out to Scribsy, who rides on the rocket ship with me and never lets me fall off.  An enormous thank you to my family, who hold down the fort while I am off doing what I love - I couldn't do this without you.

Here's to an amazing 2017, I can't wait to feel all of the happiness that we will share this year!

M xo


Suspenders and Tutus | Toronto Engagement Session | Anwyn + Kevin

I made my way down to Toronto on what turned out to be one the of the busiest Saturdays of the summer.  As I battled the traffic that was heading to Caribana, the Jays game or the Rogers Cup, I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull this off, a girl from the small city trying to make it, if only for a few moments, in the big city. But as soon as I first met Anwyn & Kevin, I was put completely at ease.  Their quirky senses of humour, much like mine, and their laid-back, adorable love was going to make this a better adventure than I could have ever imagined.  We quickly dubbed this session Suspenders and Tutus, a gentle poke at Kevin's initial reluctance to rock the trouser-straps and her kickass pink tutu.  Laughing, we set out to make our way around their neighbourhood, which had both lush greens and cool urbanity, lending a really city vibe to our outing.

As we set off towards the waterfront, we laughed about the book that we carried along, a find among Kevin's bookshelves that we found hysterical: "Architecture, Anyone?"  Of course, we had to incorporate this and I love that as an actress, Anwyn played the role of a confused and slightly-bored fiancee as Kevin looked at his fave book to perfection.  What a pair!  We also included a beautifully and intricately carved spoon, a gift from her family in Wales which has its root in the old tradition of a man presenting a carved object to propose to his belle, rather than a ring.  So cool!

We circled back toward their condo, stopping at their local Starbucks to grab a cuppa and take a couple of more frames before we said our goodbyes.  If I wasn't already looking forward to their fall wedding, I am over the moon excited now.

Thank you both for laughing along with me and showing a great time in your 'hood.

M xotoronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-01toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-06toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-07toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-08toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-05toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-09toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-10toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-11toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-12toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-03toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-13toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-14toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-15toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-16toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-02toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-17toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-18toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-19toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-20toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-33toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-21toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-22toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-23toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-24toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-25toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-26toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-04toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-27toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-28toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-29toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-31toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-34toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-35toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-36toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-37toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-39toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-40toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-38

Melanie + Charlie | Mermaid Cove Engagement | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met Melanie & Charlie in one of my favourite places on the planet, Tobermory. Our family cottage is there and I have spent many summers enjoying its tranquil beauty. We made our way to Mermaid Cove, a bit of a hidden gem that is more popular with locals than out-of-towners, on the Georgian Bay side of the town.  Featuring the dolomite rocks and pristine woods and waters that the area is known for, it was the perfect spot to have an engagement session. The sun was just lowering as we followed the path out to the shoreline, with lovely little patches lighting up parts of the trail and leaving others in shadow.  Once we got to the water, these two lovers gamely climbed the rocks to hit the best little spots (she did it better in wedge heels than I did in Birkenstocks, I bow down) and just enjoyed the solitude of a summer's evening, taking photos and soaking in the scenery.  They are so easy and natural together, with gentle touches and loving embraces, they made my job super simple.

At the end of the session, they wanted to brave the cold water and take a few shots so with a couple of extra layers on, they took a dip (they assured me it wasn't too cold, but I had been in earlier in the day and I think they were just being stoic - it is never warm in Georgian Bay!). I love the shot of them after they came out of the water, soaked and cuddled up in a blanket - that is love.

I am looking so forward to photographing your wedding next spring, Charlie & Melanie!

M xo


Pamela + James | Kitchener Couples Photographer

I met Pamela + James at their chic downtown Kitchener condo to take some images with their beloved pets, a Great Dane pup and blue-eyed Siamese cat, before we headed out to capture some of the two of them on their own.  It is always a fun and unique challenge to include pets in a session, as they each have their own quirks and personalities to show off! Once the pets had made it clear that they had had enough, the three of us headed out to explore the lanes and alleyways of downtown, where textures and colours abound.  That is one of my favourite things about urban sessions, the abaility to change up the entire look and mood just by turning a corner!

Thank you both for braving the cold with me, it was such a fun day.  Can't wait to see these images up in your new home!Pamela + James 03Pamela + James 04Pamela + James 02Pamela + James 10Pamela + James 06Pamela + James 07Pamela + James 27Pamela + James 11Pamela + James 12Pamela + James 14Pamela + James 18Pamela + James 19Pamela + James 21Pamela + James 22Pamela + James 23

Krista + Alex | Kitchener Engagement Photographer

I met Alex & Krista at the beautiful location for their wedding this summer, Ball's Falls Conservation Area.  Yes, we laughed every time we said it, but seriously, this is a gorgeous location!  With historical buildings and forested haunts, we had plenty of room to roam. Even though they were nervous that they would be awkward or shy in front of the camera, these two brought their A-game to this session, snuggling and laughing and not taking themselves too seriously.  The BEST.  I think they even surprised themselves by how damn hot they looked together, but I knew that their chemistry and love for one another was genuine and authentic and that always shows through on camera.  High school sweethearts, this fab couple are perfect for each other.

I am looking so forward to photographing their wedding in July, to celebrate their love and new life together as friends and loves.  I am so grateful to call them friends now and I hope they know they won;t get rid of me any time soon!

M xoEngaged 02Engaged 08Engaged 12Engaged 10Engaged 14Engaged 13Engaged 03Engaged 04Engaged 21Engaged 20Engaged 17Engaged 22Engaged 26

2015 Year in Review | Kitchener Family Photographer

I can hardly believe that 2015 is coming to an end. What a year! I don't know what else to say to you all but THANK YOU.  Truly, I feel so blessed to have been a part of so many beautiful moments of love, connection, laughter and fun.  Between simple, heartfelt weddings full of love and high-energy, laughter-filled family sessions, I hardly know how to count my blessings. This coming year promises to be another one full of great memories, moments of love and joy, and watching people let their happy shine.  The weddings I have this year make me giddy with excitement and I simply can't wait to see all of my favourite families, another year older but with the some love and laughter that holds them together. This year I want to explore those places and moments that make a family or a couple who they are.  You backyard, a favourite park, going for ice cream, a day at the beach - whatever it is that defines your life and love.  Because those every day moments are where some of the best memories lurk, just waiting to be captured.

So if you want to continue on this adventure with me, I can't wait to find adventure with you and those you love the most.  Let your happy shine and I will find a way to catch it for you.

See you all in 2016!

M xokitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-22kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-04kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-03kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-05kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-01kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-06kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-02kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-11kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-09kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-07kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-12kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-27kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-14kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-29kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-08kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-18kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-20kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-10kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-17kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-21kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-31kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-24kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-13kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-25kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-26kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-28kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-15kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-30kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-33kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-32kitchener-photographer-mandy-blake-2015-19

Ben + Melissa | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when Melissa connected with me about photographing her wedding next summer.  She is one of my former students, from back in the day when I was a massage therapist and taught at a local massage therapy college.  I love keeping in touch with my students as they build their careers and grow their families.  I knew Melissa especially well as she was once part of my "Mandy Monday" student clinic crew and always stood out as a diligent, hard-working student. When she and Ben let me in on their plans for their wedding, I knew it was going to be right in my wheelhouse - backyard, candlelight, relaxed and intimate.  YES PLEASE!  We decided to meet up on a brisk fall evening in Stratford to take some engagement photos so I cold meet Ben and we could catch up a little bit.

I absolutely love this couple's playful, loving connection - they joke around and laugh together constantly, and have a spark that will surely lead to the fire of a super awesome marriage.  And we were so lucky to catch the leaves right at the perfect time for beautiful colour and rich texture, a bonus for sure.

Thank you both for being so open, honest and full of laughter, I can't wait to photograph your wedding in August! And Ben - I will do my best to keep your head in most of the wedding photos... ;)

M xoEngagement 011Engagement 008Engagement 009Engagement 010Engagement 007Engagement 005Engagement 006Engagement 003Engagement 001Engagement 002Engagement 012Engagement 013Engagement 015Engagement 026Engagement 021Engagement 023Engagement 024Engagement 025Engagement 022

Kim + James | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met up with Kim + James while we were both on a mini-vacation in beautiful Tobermory for their engagement session (well, my family's cottage is up there, so it was more like an overnight getaway from the city for me).  We headed to nearby Singing Sands on Dorcas Bay Road to enjoy the beach, water and sunset as we explored and photographed. I had never met either of them in person before this evening, just emails back and forth to set up dates and times and talk about their wedding day, but I knew right away that they were my kind of people.  Laid-back, kind and warm and not afraid to get pine needles in their pants changing in the woods.  We were going to have fun.

And we did.  We hung out until the sun was nearly set and walked away slightly damp, sandy and smiling, all good signs as far as I am concerned.  They are such an amazing couple and I couldn't wait to photograph their September wedding when we parted ways.

And let me tell you, I was right to be excited - their wedding was FABULOUS.  Those images will be comin' at ya in an upcomoing post, but for now, enjoy a little kiss of summer sun.

M xo

Engagement 01Engagement 04Engagement 06Engagement 07Engagement 11Engagement 15Engagement 12Engagement 16Engagement 17Engagement 20Engagement 21Engagement 24Engagement 27Engagement 29Engagement 30

Lisa + Mitch | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

There is something about Elora Gorge that is so peaceful yet powerful.  It is a place I have explored before with my family while camping, but I had never been right down to the water's edge, nor had I ventured along the winding paths near the quaint town.  But on this night, with this amazing couple, we did just that.  Meeting at the ruins of the Little Folks Furniture Factory, we wound our way towards the lower basin below the Tooth of Time, stopping along the way to check out fallen buildings and the gorge's rugged beauty. Once we got down to the quiet pool, Lisa + Mitch gamely climbed rocks, hung out in caves and braved the freezing water to take advantage of all of the natural beauty surrounding us.  They are so sweet and connected, it was the perfect fusion of love and nature.

We headed back up the cliffside to find the sunshine again, Mitch sweetly guiding Lisa over the rough, loose stones (even though she was way more sure-footed in those cute sandals than I was in  my hiking shoes!) and we did a few more portraits before calling it a night.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding in a couple of weeks.  They are so laid back, fun and sweet, I know that it will be a day full of love and celebration with their family and friends! In the meantime, enjoy the images from this beautiful evening.

M xo


Matt + Lauren | Engaged | KW Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to meet this wonderful couple at the location for their upcoming summer wedding, the Detweiler Meeting House, near Roseville.  This quaint, sparse little meeting house is so beautiful and full of light, I can't wait to photograph their wedding!! We were lucky enough to find the caretaker on the grounds, which allowed us the chance to do a couple of images inside - AMAZING!!  Then we just walked around the small area surround the building to capture a few more moments. This couple has been together for a few years, which I love because they know each other so well - how to make each other laugh, how to make each other comfortable and how to just be together.  Plain and simple love.

Counting the days until we get to go back to this fabulous location in August and watch these two seal their vows!

M xo

kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-2 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-3 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-4 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-5 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-6 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-7 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-8 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-1 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-9 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-11 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-10 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-15 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-13 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-12 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-14

Allan + Rachel | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Okay, I seriously LOVE this couple! When we met on a gorgeous August evening, strolled around Waterloo Park near sundown and splashed in the creek, laughing our pants off, I knew right away that these are my kind of people! This couple loves each other fully, completely.  You can tell that they are in love in the deepest possible way - best friends, lovers, partners-in-crime.  They make each other laugh, look into each others eyes and are connected in an almost visceral way.

We had such an amazing time together, I couldn't stop smiling even after I drove away.  And then I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw them strolling hand-in-hand back home and my smile got even wider.  I was beyond excited and ready to photograph their fall wedding - stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to see their simply fantastic wedding day!

Love you A + R!

M xokitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-1kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-2kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-4kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-3kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-5kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-6kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-8kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-7kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-9kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-10kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-11kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-12kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-13kitchener-engagement-photographer-waterloo-park-14

2014: Year in Review | Kitchener Photographer

At the end of each year, it always blows me away just how lucky I am.  I get to photograph people who are full of love, laughter and joy.  I am invited into people lives, even if just for a couple of hours and that is so very special.  This year has brought many return clients, giving me the opportunity to watch a family grow and change, which is such a cool thing to witness.  And there have been new clients as well, whom I look forward to meeting, year-after-year to see those wonderful changes.  Like I told one of my recent wedding couples, "You're stuck with me now!  I am YOUR family photographer!" The bottom line is that without all of your smiling faces, I would not be able to do this job that I love.  It is all of you who keep me smiling, laughing and crying along with you.  THANK YOU. From the very bottom of my big ol' heart.  Truly.  You are what inspires me to get better and learn more and find new ways to help you see your happy shine.

This year has seen a lot of firsts for my business, as I branched out into boudoir and wedding photography.  Now that I can make it through either of those without losing hours of sleep the night before, I am so excited to see where these paths will take me!!  I also worked hard to really bring out the storytelling aspects of my imagery, and to work in different locations that helped to guide these stories: the fair, the backyard, in the river, downtown Kitchener, in your home.  I am thrilled to keep moving in this direction of approach for 2015 - so get ready to have me storm your backyards and homes, people! ;)

Another huge part of this year was leaning on my amazing photography colleagues as I pushed into new and sometimes terrifying territory.  I probably wouldn't push myself nearly as far without their gentle nudges sometimes and having them to act as sounding boards is something I value beyond words and try never to take for granted.  To Hilary, the Oprah to my Gayle, the Scribsy to my Flash - I love being on the rocket ship with you and wouldn't want to be on this ride with anyone else. To Michelle B, Dana, Martina, Kate, Sandra, Lisa, and Michelle S - I love you girls so much and am so happy and thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you 2014, for being such a fantastic year.  Welcome 2015!

M xo


Melissa + Scott | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

This night could not have been more fantastic.  The sun was bright but the temperature cool, with a lovely light breeze.  Two gorgeous people in love and willing to accommodate my crazy requests despite a few mosquito attacks.  We worked our way around the Grand River Trail near RIM Park in Waterloo, taking advantage of the lush greens as a beautiful backdrop to capture this couple's connection. My favourite thing about this couple is how comfortable they are with each other.  Even when they are not touching, you can feel the connection between them.  She likes to make silly faces at him, while he tells her jokes as they walk together.  He helped her down into the creek and held her close to keep footing on the slick stones.  She fixed his hair under his beloved Bass Pro hat.  Simple, beautiful love.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later this summer, but until then, enjoy these images!

M xo


Love Is In The Air | Kitchener Family Photographer

It was a misty, grey early winter day and I wasn't sure the light was going to hold.  But boy, was I wrong!  The light was some of the prettiest I have seen and it made all the colors so rich! After meeting in north Waterloo, we started the session with some family fun, with little man Q winning us all over with his adorable smile and giggles!  He is always cracks me up with his silliness!  I think some of his biggest smiles came when he was telling me about his girlfriend - lucky little lady!

After we had fun laughing and playing together, Grandma and Grandpa came to pick up Mr. Q so that we could celebrate this lovely couple's engagement with some more intimate images.  They were such good sports, as I made them trail through wet, cold grass and follow my bossy instructions! ;)  They are so connected and just good at being together that they made my job really simple.  And like I said before, the light was STUNNING.

I am so excited to be photographing this gorgeous couples wedding this spring - it promises to be a fantastic day!

Enjoy the images!

M xo