Manulife Family Day at KWAG

Manulife is currently sponsoring an exhibit at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, and to encourage more culture among its employees (whom they force to sit in grey cubicles in a grey building staring at grey computers all day, and thus are going slowly colour blind), they offered a free family day at the gallery.  My hubby got the invite at work and we signed up to take the girls for an art adventure. We had a fantastic time, making clay bugs, painting portraits (well, the girls were more abstract, but fun nonetheless), designing buttons and creating finger puppets.  In the end, we had a large collection of colourful art and lots of great memories.  I took some shots as we made our way through the different galleries and activities, though not as many as usual, since I was busy feeding another creative outlet with art! 

Here is a collage of images from the day.  I realized, as I put it together, that I once again managed to forget put myself  in the photos, but as I said, I was too busy having fun and making art!