52 Weeks - Week 16

This week , rather than a self-portrait, I decided to take some images that represented the part of my day that is my favourite - supper time.  When I was growing up, my dad worked long hours, but my mom was always home to serve us supper and to sit at the table with us each night.  It was the time of the day when we talked about what was going on, in our individual lives and as a family.  I have very fond memories of these conversations, and of course, the food that was at the centre of them.  I come from a long line of fantastic cooks, and my own recipe box is overflowing with handwritten recipes from my grandmas.  I love to cook and I love to prepare meals for my family every night. 

However, I realized a while ago that the tradition of the family meal had gotten lost in our home.  With my husband and I working, the girls' after-school activites and just life in general, our mealtime had become totallydisjointed,  with the kids eating in front of the TV, me scarfing down my meal alone, after the kids were done and my hubby eating whenever he got home.  I made the decision that this had to change!

So now we make the effort to sit down every night and having our meal TOGETHER!  I ask the girls about their day, talk about the food we are eating and just generally have a nice family meal.  It is amazing how many more stories I hear about their day when I am listening (LOL)!  My girls also love to help prepare the meal and I let them get in on the action whenever I can...but I stay well clear of my 6-year-old when she is wielding a paring knife!

So here is my image for the week , of a meal that we had earlier this week.  I got the corn on the cob as a treat, since it is not yet in season and we added ice cream to the strawberries for dessert!  Yum....