52 Weeks - Week 18

I love board games.  I grew up in a house where we had family game night most Sunday nights, and we are a competitive bunch who love to win.  I must admit, while I love most games, I am not a fan of Monopoly or any other money-lending or simulation-type game.  My creative brain cannot concentrate on all the mundane minutiae that goes into strategizing.  I much prefer word games that stimulate my brain cells in a creative way.  A perfect example of such a game is Boggle.  Trying to makes words out of a senseless jumble of letters just floats my boat (I know, kind of geeky).  Recently, my lifelong friend casually mentioned during a visit that she loves to play Boggle but her hubby won't play because he thinks it is boring (the nerve!).  Right then and there we decided to have a weekly Boggle night.  So, every Tuesday, once our kids are asleep, we set up the classic Boggle set (that her kind friend hunted down for her as a gift), drink wine, and Boggle until our brains fail.  Ahhh, such bliss.  Nothing better than a good friend, good wine and a great game. 

Here are some images from our most recent Boggle night, which I have entitled, as a group, Boggle-rific.  I can't wait 'til next week!