52 Weeks - Week 17

This week I put together a little collage of one of my favourite activites with my girls - pedicure night.  About once a month I set up a mini-pedicure at home, where I soak and massage their feet and then trim and paint their nails.  They love it (of course) and it gives me a reason and chance to do some  nail care without any argument.  Sometime I do their fingernails too, but with one nail-biter and one who sucks her fingers occasionally, I prefer to keep the nail polish out of their bellies! This time, I went a step further, with a mini-studio set-up, including a book rack with a selection of their faves, lemonade (sugar-free) to sip, and new Webkinz puppies waiting to be their spa companions.  I just felt like after a long winter, they needed a little extra special pampering in readiness for spring and flip-flop season!

As you can imagine, it is pretty trick to get shots while massaging, polishing and keeping them still,  but I snapped a couple and put them together for this week's post.  Here is the image, entitled Pampered Princesses.

Now, if only I could get them to do this for me! LOL