Last Light of Summer | Kitchener Family Photographer

It makes me so happy to see these faces each year, to see little Miss E grow and change and laugh and play.  Last year she was barely able to sit on her own and this year she was a walking, talking toddler.  My goodness! Seeing little ones this age reminds me just how far away I am getting from each stage of childhood as my own girlies grow, a feeling which brings equal parts relief and heartache. We met up on a gorgeous late summer's eve at Grey Silo and the Grand River Trail in Waterloo to chase this adorable girly around and do our best to convince her that standing still was a good idea - at least for a few seconds! Eating leaves, munching snacks and exploring new territory, she kept us busy and in stitches!  We also had some pretty spectacular orange light by the end of the evening, which made for an extra special night.

Thank you all for making the trek to see me each year, it make my heart so happy to photograph your little family!

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