Energy Abounds | Kitchener Family Photography

One thing I feel so grateful for is clients who refer me to their friends and family and this awesome family came to me as a result of the kind words of my friend Julie.  Thank you thank you, thank you! I met this lovely little family on a sunny, warm night in Stratford and after being prepared by Mom that her son was full of energy, I got right down to the business of chasing him as he climbed trees, found sticks, cartwheeled, tossed leaves, climbed the play center and generally had a blast!  His mom and dad are so devoted to him and you can feel all of their love so completely when they are all together.  I love when a session just flows from one thing to the next and this one did just that.

Thank you all for being so willing to get silly, covered in leaves and just have fun. See you next year!

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