Ben + Melissa | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when Melissa connected with me about photographing her wedding next summer.  She is one of my former students, from back in the day when I was a massage therapist and taught at a local massage therapy college.  I love keeping in touch with my students as they build their careers and grow their families.  I knew Melissa especially well as she was once part of my "Mandy Monday" student clinic crew and always stood out as a diligent, hard-working student. When she and Ben let me in on their plans for their wedding, I knew it was going to be right in my wheelhouse - backyard, candlelight, relaxed and intimate.  YES PLEASE!  We decided to meet up on a brisk fall evening in Stratford to take some engagement photos so I cold meet Ben and we could catch up a little bit.

I absolutely love this couple's playful, loving connection - they joke around and laugh together constantly, and have a spark that will surely lead to the fire of a super awesome marriage.  And we were so lucky to catch the leaves right at the perfect time for beautiful colour and rich texture, a bonus for sure.

Thank you both for being so open, honest and full of laughter, I can't wait to photograph your wedding in August! And Ben - I will do my best to keep your head in most of the wedding photos... ;)

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