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Being a photographer can be a lonely profession.  After the fun of the session or event is over, there are many hours spent in isolation hunched over the computer; reviewing, editing, ordering, blog posting and scanning blogs and forums for inspiration.  To avoid full hermit-status, I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful group of ladies (who happen to be fellow photographers) to gather for a night out of food, drink and lots of photography talk!  We have been known to be the last table out of the restaurant, oblivious to the hovering staff who are eager to depart. A while ago it was suggested that as a group we should try a blog carousel.  Okay, I admit it, it was my idea.  Am I brilliant, or what?  LOL   Actually, it just so happens that I think that my friends are very talented photographers and I want you to see their gorgeous images and creative ideas.

My image for the theme "Summer Nights" was taken during a visit to Valens Conservation Area a few weeks ago.  You can see more images from this excursion here.  This image was included in the storyboards I created for that post, but I loved it so much I had to use it for the carousel (and make it a canvas for my wall!).

To me this image captures one way to spend a perfect summer night: fishing with a sturdy stick, some fishing line, a hook and a worm, waiting excitedly but patiently for the fish to bite.  I spent so many wonderful summer evenings fishing on the docks in my hometown of Port Elgin, with the sun setting around me and my sand bucket full of tiny perch.  Such a simple pleasure but one that I love sharing with my girls.

Check out my friend Sandra Medeiros' interpretation of the theme "Summer Nights" here.  She is an amazing wedding and portrait photographer and also happens to be my classmate at photography school!