One Hour Photo #3 :: Kitchener Children's Photographer

Hair is my nemesis.  This may sound a bit extreme, but I can assure you, it is true.  Cursed (or blessed, according to everyone else) with extremely curly hair, I have battled my hair for the last twenty-five years in a desperate struggle for manageability.  It corkscrews, tangles, poofs, frizzes and requires frequent attacks with the stylist's thinning shears.  When I had my girls, I worried that they might face the same trials, especially when their little toddler curls appeared. Fortunately, they both have straight-ish hair with some minor curling and waving.  My oldest, Brielle, has extremely thick hair, with a straight layer on the surface and a curly  layer underneath, forcing me to now do battle twice daily, once with my own hair and once with hers.  She is not exactly cooperative, yet another reason that hair is my nemesis.

My youngest, Emery, somehow ended up with fairly thin, easy-to-brush hair.  Since my husband comes from a long line of bristle-haired heads, we are not sure what happened to give her such fine hair.  Don't worry, she does have a reason to make her hair my nemesis too.  I like to call it the rat tail, the low hawk, or the undercover mullet.  Basically, the hair in back of her head grows at three times the rate of the sides, so she always ends up with this long straggly bit at the back.  I can brush it out beautifully, and it looks okay, but within five minutes it has sort of clumped together to reform the hideous rat tail that looks like it belongs on a street urchin.  Are there really street urchins anymore?  Hmm, that is a whole other post...

School is just around the corner, and usually I take the girls for a fresh haircut at the end of the summer.  But last night, after brushing Emery's hair for the millionth time in a pointless attack against the low hawk, I decided I just couldn't stand to look at it anymore.  I bathed her, sat on her on the kitchen counter and cut off the offending hair.  Ahh, that looks so much better.

Sort of.  Maybe I should have waited for the pros to handle it?  I think I left enough to work with?  Oh well, it will grow back, right?

This morning, is the glaring light of day, it seems my trim was perhaps a bit hasty, not entirely even and frankly a bit of a hack job.  But Emery thinks she looks fab and even offered to pose for a picture (without a bribe!!).  So here it is, not from the back because I wouldn't want to offend any hairstylists out there, but from the front, where her beautiful face can distract the viewer!  LOL

This image took 32 minutes, including processing.  She ran away after a couple of snaps or it would have been longer!