Emery @ Four : : Kitchener Children's Photographer

My baby is four!  I can't believe how much she is growing and changing every day.  It makes my heart ache for the days when she was a babe in my arms.  But, alas, those days are quickly fading into memory as my little angel blazes her own trail out into the world. I took Emery out on a beautiful, sunny afternoon to do her fourth birthday session and we had a blast!  I must admit, there was a significant bribe of TWO donuts for good behaviour and cooperation, but I really think I could have done without, she was so great.  We headed downtown for a bit of an urban feel and to take advantage of all the great colours and textures of the buildings.  I should mention that she did have shoes for the shoot, but complained so loudly that they were pinching that I agreed to let her go barefoot.  Yes, I made sure there was no glass before I plunked her down!

Like most mothers, I think my children are the cutest kids on Earth, so this post has A LOT of images.  I know that her Nanny and Poppy in Newfoundland won't mind looking at more than one! ;)

She is such a ham and loves to be silly.  The next couple of images show her as she truly is, a little monkey who loves to laugh and smile.

I love you Emery Mary Violet and I am so excited to see where your go and how you get there.  Mommy and Daddy and Brielle are so proud of you.