Miss Brielle : : Kitchener Children's Photographer

Of course, once Brielle saw that her sister had a "special" photo shoot, she had to have one too.  So we headed out on a sunny Saturday to capture some new images for her.  Actually, I am glad she wanted to do it, so I can order new canvases of both of them for the house! Brielle loves music and singing, so she wanted to have a rock-and-roll outfit for some of the pictures.  I think she got the rock attitude just right.

Next she switched to a more casual ensemble, with her favourite flats and super-tight tights.


I wanted to have a little series of Brielle faces, like I did for Emery, to put together as a wall collage. What a goof!

I love you Brielle Grace Anne.  You are so smart, sensitive and stubborn...just like your mother.  ;)