Ethan : : Kitchener Children's Photographer

This handsome little man just happens to be my daughter's boyfriend of nearly three years.  It began as a budding playdate romance and has flourished into a very committed and serious relationship.  Well, at least on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons when she is being cared for by his mom after school! ;) When I was heading out for Brielle's photoshoot, Ethan wanted to tag along and gamely agreed to be my second model for the shoot.  Of course, I bribed them both with Smile Cookies and donuts.  I am NEVER above bribing.  Ethan was absolutlely fantastic and so great at posing for me that I actually ended up with more images of him than of Brielle.

I guess if he may be my son-in-law one day, I might as well groom him now for a life of non-stop shutter snapping!

Near the end of the shoot, the young lovebirds wanted to have some pictures together....hmm, I wonder if I will be doing this for real in twenty years?