I'm Getting Old : : London Family Photographer

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would visit with adults you hadn't seen for awhile and they always said, "I remember when you were born!  I can't believe how big you are now! I feel so old!" ?  And while you smiled politely on the outside, you cringed on the inside, thinking  "Why do they always act like I would stay small forever?", and you swore you would never say those things  when you grew up?   And the next thing you know, you have reached adulthood and you are saying those dreaded words, and realizing exactly why they need to be said.  No? Really?  Happens to me all the time. I recently celebrated my eight year anniversary with my hubby, and we planned a night away, including a peaceful, delicious dinner and, of course,  the other thing you do when the kids aren't around, which starts with an "S"....  Get your minds out of the gutter, people!  I mean SLEEP!  Ah, the blissful, sound sleep of parents who know there are no middle of the night pee breaks or demands for water-cup refills.  Beautiful.

The next morning, I awoke, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and headed out to meet my cousin and her two teenage boys for a shoot.  And this is what brings me back to my original point.  Eight years ago, these two guys were the ring bearers in our wedding.  They were then five and six years old, respectively, and absolutely adorable!  And while I have seen them occasionally over the intervening years, I was still dumbstruck when they stepped out of the car and were no longer those sweet little boys!  They are nearly men!  After taking a few moments to make the cringe-worthy proclamations in regards to their growth and maturity, we got down to the business of capturing some images.

The boys were such good sports, freezing in the bitter wind, one crouching with sore legs from a championship football game the previous day (they won!) and generally dealing with my odd requests and overzealous desire to see them in a dark, dirty alley.  They are both such respectful, kind young men, and I feel fortunate to call them my family.

First up is Cam, the older brother and Denver Broncos fan.  He has an easy smile that just lights up the room.

Next is Josh, the younger brother and a Patriots die-hard.  He is more serious than his older brother, but no less happy-go-lucky!

And here is one of them both.  Brothers and best friends.

Thanks Cameron, Josh, Kevin and Kelly for just being awesome!  Love you.