Eric + Family : : Kitchener Family Photography

This family is one that is particularly special for me to photograph, because they are a part of my own family.  Corey and I met when she came to live with my family during her last year of high school, since she lived in a small town and her school didn't offer all of the courses she needed to follow her chosen career path.  We became like sisters and have remained close through the years as we have both grown and made our own lives. She and her husband Chris (who attended the same high school as I did, small world), and daughter Ruthie recently welcome baby Eric to their family.  I was excited to meet and snuggle my new little "nephew" and capture some images for this wonderful family.

I should point out that newborns are definitely NOT my specialty and I say a big "Holy smokes, you are crazy good" to  those photographers that do newborn photography well.  Imagine trying to pose a ragdoll with a keen startle reflex, who stretches luxuriously just as you are about to snap the shutter, undoing all of your tricky arm and leg folding , and you will have an idea of how difficult photographing a newborn can be.  I DO want to improve my skills in this department, so all of you out there get busy making babies for me to practice with! ;)

I did enjoy working with this family in their home, taking images of them in their own "element", relaxed and just living life.  In the long winter months ahead, with the bitter temperatures and early dark, this is a great way to work a session into your schedule without freezing your tush off (or mine, for that matter).  I think there is definitely something special about capturing memories in the place where most of them are created.

Enjoy the images everyone!

xoxo {M}