Mr. Smiley : : Kitchener Children's Photographer

My girls have been going to the same sitter for almost four years.  As a result, they have each claimed one of her sons as a "boyfriend".  I featured Brielle's little man, Ethan, back in the fall, but I just recently had the opportunity to sneak in a mini session with his younger brother, Noah.  AKA Emery's boyfriend.  Sigh.  I didn't think it would start quite this early.  I dread the teenage years. I headed out with Noah and his Mom on a bright winter's morning to capture some new images for the walls.  It was a little crisp, but Noah was such a trooper!  He is so silly and happy that we had no shortage of great smiles and expressions.  In fact, he had a hard time making a straight face - he just kept cracking up!  Sometimes being serious is harder than you would think, especially for a four year old.

Enjoy the images!

What a great start to 2012!

{M} xo