Declan in the Snow

Firstly I should say: this was not supposed to be a portrait session.  The mother of this sweet little man is an acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a very talented jewellery designer and artisan.  I offered to try to get some updated product shots of her pieces for her website, since I like to try all kinds of photography, just to see what tickles my fancy.  Wow, that is a really dated expression...I need to get more "with the times"!  But I digress.  So, when I arrived at my friend's house to photograph the jewellery, my buddy Declan was there too.  I knew that in the end, I would just have to get some shots of him, he is so darn cute.  I learned so much about how hard it is to be a  five-year-old while he sat and ate his lunch with me as I worked.  Once the bologna was comsumed and the jewellery photographed, we headed out the back door for a quick session in the very wet snow (when I say quick, I literally mean five know how hard it is for boys to sit still!).