My December

What a crazy and busy time it has been in the Blake household this year.  We have been going to parades, shopping, enjoying the arrival of Nan and Pop from Newfoundland and mostly just battling multiple viruses.  Is it just me or does it seem like the viruses are running more rampant than usual this year? Anyway, thought I would share a few images of our December goings-on, just for something to do!

So from top left, clockwise:

  1. Brielle and her friend Ethan playing in the snow.  I don't think there is anything better to do on a nice winter's day.
  2. My children forced my hubby to don one of their of course I snapped a quick picture to hold for further blackmail! As you can see, there was much giggling.
  3. My youngest, Emery, who clearly enjoyed every ounce of her free hot chocolate at the Santa Clause Parade.
  4. Our tree this year is a little sparse, since there seems to be an entire box of decorations that have gone missing...
  5. My oldest, Brielle, got this fantastic shiner when she tripped over my feet and face-planted as she was trying to chase her sister to "wrestle".  Ahhh, karma.
  6. The lovely craft I made with my girls.  It was accomplished with only two major meltdowns; one for me and one for Brielle.

And one last picture before I go.  Here are my girls playing in one of the best toys ever: the cardboard box.  We got a new TV and while my husband got it set up, there were no little hands "helping" because they were playing in the box.  Win-win!