The Calm Before the Storm : : Kitchener Baby Photographer

Nine months is a great age.  It is the golden time, right before your little one starts to talk, sing, dance and generally make a lot more happy noise.  Just preceding the stage when they are learning to walk and therefore  fall constantly, often leading with the head...and thus causing much gasping and mom-diving to save tender skulls. This little lady is right at the start of this wonderful phase, crawling around, stealing her big sister's Lego for a taste test, pulling the keys off of Dad's laptop and keeping her Mommy on her toes all day long.  I am fortunate to be friends with both of her parents ( they were each my husband's boss, but at two different companies - long story) and I dropped over on a lovely, but rather gray, morning to snap some shots of their little darling.

She was so fun to shoot, with a few big smiles and lots of curious pondering, but no tears or playing shy.  She did, however, take a great liking to my camera strap and we had a couple of tug-of-war matches over it while I was snapping away.  I don't want to brag, but I won! ;)

Thanks for sharing your morning with me, ladies!

{M} xo