Birthday Portraits - Part Two : : Cambridge Children's Photographer

Okay, here is part two!  The location we chose for this part of the session was the Hespeler Library in Cambridge.  It is a gorgeous building with a glass exterior, lots of light, modern features and really friendly staff.  Redesigned in 2007, it wraps around and preserves the historic Carnegie Library, and it is an architectural wonder. We got there a little later than planned, after taking advantage of the gorgeous winter-afternoon light outdoors, and we arrived with around 45 minutes to shoot (including an outfit change!).  Brielle was a real trooper, and we moved quickly and quietly through the library, shooting right down to the wire!  Brielle did stop for a few minutes to read some pages from Charlotte's Web, the first novel she and I read together.  Even though the light was fading fast, I couldn't refuse her request to take a reading break.

Brielle has blossomed into a very confident and avid reader over the last few months, progressing quickly through the reading levels at school and becoming more interested in deeper stories.  This makes my heart so happy.  I am a MAJOR bibliophile, often reading three or four books at a time, getting lost in each story with equal intensity.  I am so glad that Brielle will have the ability to lose herself in the world of literature, to always have a way to fill the spare moments.

Here are a few images from our time at the library, a new entry on our list of favourite places to hang out.

Love you Lulu!

{M) xo