Snow! | Kitchener Family Photographer

It is finally here (again)!  My girls had anticipated a snow day yesterday, when the reports were hyping a big storm set to arrive in the wee hours of the morning.  We woke up early, only to find a disappointing dusting of snow that was quickly turning to mush as the rain started to fall.  So they headed off to school dejectedly and I have to say, I was hoping for snow too.  We have had a pretty mild winter and I was looking forward to curling up with a book on the couch and watching the flakes fall. But then, last night, the "storm" arrived!  Right before I was heading to bed the wind picked up and the snow started to swirl.  And before I even before I opened my eyes this morning, I could tell by the light in my room that there was SNOW!  The next thing I heard was my girls hurriedly dressing as my husband fired up the snow blower in the garage.  I helped the girls bundle up and out they went, joy stamped on their little faces.

I watched from the window as they chased the dog, bombed down the slide and ate mitt-fulls of fresh, clean snow.  I ventured out, only for a minute to get one simple snap of them together, before the frolicking resumed.  And right now, as they sit on the floor near my feet, wrapped in blankets, thawing out and putting a puzzle together, my book and a cup of tea are calling my name!

Have a wonderful "snow day" everyone!

{M} xo