The Golden Rule | Kitchener Children's Photographer

We all know the Golden Rule : "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  It seems so simple. But lately, I have noticed an alarming trend in the photography community (not to mention the wider world).  It appears that the Golden Rule has been replaced by the motto "Do unto others whatever you need to do to get ahead."  I see this on forums, on Facebook, on Twitter and in person.  I have personally had some not-so-friendly interactions with fellow photogs that have left me feeling sad and discouraged.  And I am writing this, not to elicit pity, sympathy, to complain or to point fingers, but rather to point out that we are all professionals and we can all ACT like professionals.  We can help, support and encourage our peers without having to feel threatened or worry about our ideas being stolen.

This is how I feel when the negativity starts to fly:

On the flip side. I have also had some wonderful experiences with my colleagues in this craft, and it's the positive attitudes and helping hands that keep my faith in this industry.  I have met, chatted with and developed friendships with some amazing women who have helped me grow and flourish in this business.  Thank you to Hilary, Jenn, Martina, Kate, Sandra, Ashia and many others for your support, friendship and honesty.  *Hugs*

Now go out there, be positive and help to turn the frowns upside down! :)

{M} xo