Beautiful Things : Buttercup Children's Decor | Kitchener Children's Photographer

I am excited to introduce you all to my new monthly feature, "Beautiful Things".  Each month, I will be exclusively featuring handmade baby and children's products made by local vendors.  I love buying handmade and unique items for my own girls and really wanted to find a way to showcase all of those creative entrepreneurs out there! My first featured business is Buttercup Children's Decor, who specialize in framed wall art, pillows, mobiles and ornaments made with new, vintage and up-cycled fabrics to create unique decorative items.  Started in early 2010 by Lisa Fox, a stay-at-home-mom and Vilaylack Fox, a teacher, school administrator and expectant mother, Buttercup is a true creative partnership, with each gal creating about half of the designs and artwork.  As a result, each piece has that Buttercup style with a dash of their individual flair.  And thus, what began as an idea to create special gifts for friends and family (and beautiful decor for their own homes) has blossomed into a thriving small business for these talented ladies.

Buttercup has been a hit at local arts and craft shows and they have been kept busy filling custom design orders.  I was lucky enough to have a chance to photograph a few of their pieces to show you here - I think you're going to fall in LOVE!

The first image is of a beautiful, hand-painted canvas.  Isn't the colourful wing awesome?

These are some of their framed pieces, all with gorgeous detail and texture.  I absolutely adore the fact that each scene has some elements that extend out onto the matte - so fun!

Here are a couple of more cute canvases that would really add style and whimsy to any child's room.  Hedgehog = Adorable!!!And finally, here is a plush pillow with hand-stitched elements, perfect for little arms to wrap around as your babe drifts off to sleep.

I think that these ladies have done a wonderful job of creating special, fun and decorative pieces that can really liven up your rooms!  And even better, they accept custom requests and can even create pieces  using your very own sentimental items (baby blankets, favourite dresses, etc.) or personalize it with your child's name.  How cool is that?!

Make sure you check out Buttercup Children's Decor on Facebook to see more of their work, and look for their Etsy shop to be up-and-running in the near future!

Stay tuned for next month's Beautiful Things when I will be featuring some lovely knits!

{M} xo