The Castle of Nightmares

My daughter Brielle received a cardboard princess castle from her favourite cousin for Christmas this year.  The box said "Some Assembly Required".  Understatement of the year.  It took me about an hour and a half to assemble the sections and connect them, including one break to curse a blue streak. 

As I marvelled at my engineering prowess, my daughter said " Are you going to do the stickers now?".  Stickers?  I then took notice of the tiny shapes, each one numbered, that covered every area of the cursed castle!  I took a deep breath, counted to ten, and stickering commenced. 

The children silently drifted away, leaving me alone with my nemesis: tiny, shiny stickers.  550 stickers to be exact.  Three hours later, I let loose a cry of triumph and stood back to admire my work.  Some stickers were crooked, some not even remotely over their designated square, but, it was finished.

I finished the castle last Monday. No one has played with it yet.

P.S.  Please excuse the poor image quality.  I had developed a bit of a palsy by the end of stickering that caused my hands to shake even more than could be helped by image stabilization!