Us | Kitchener Family Photography

I just realized that I totally forgot to share these images of my family from this past fall!  I shared them with friends and family as part of our yearly calendar but it just hit me that I never posted them here. These were taken on a sunny but chilly day back in November, when I dragged my family out for a few quick snaps for the calendar.  We loaded the couch in the back of our van and drove a very short distance to the parking lot of the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (affectionately known as "The Aud".)  This row of evergreens is so awesome but not a very popular location for portraits, so we got a lot of curious stares and odd looks.  :D

I am sure that many of you can imagine how difficult it is to take your own family portraits.  Even with a remote trigger, it can be dicey.  Making sure everyone is in the right spot, looking at the camera and not picking their noses is a bit tricky.  I think we did pretty well, considering.  And the memories we made are now hanging proudly on our wall on huge canvases, so it was worth the headache!  I didn't even bother trying to hide the remote - way more difficult than you would think.  Oh well, why start being perfect now when not-quite-perfect is working so well for me? ;)

Daddy's girls - now and forever.  I am not sure that he even has circulation left in his baby fingers, they are wrapped so tightly.Even Charlie attempted to participate, but as you can tell from his expression, he is NOT impressed.And here we are - together for 11 years and married for 9 years.  More in love each and every day.My family is my everything and I feel so blessed and happy to live my life with and and for them.

{M} xo xo xo