Drama Is Her Middle Name | Kitchener Children's Photography

Does anyone else have a little drama queen on their hands?  Because I sure do. Brielle seems to be going through a phase right now where everything ends in tears, tantrums or a slamming door.  UGH!  I hope she is just getting it all out before the teenage years...  Please? LOL

Not the most gracious loser at the best of times (she has been known to flip the card table if she loses UNO), it was not surprising that she completely disintegrated when she thought she "lost" the annual Easter Egg Hunt after her sister found the coveted Shiny Egg.  One of her baskets got chucked across the lawn (she kept the fullest one of course) and then she stomped away to sulk under a tree while loudly protesting the outcome of the hunt.  Sigh.

Of course, being the caring, sympathetic mother that I am, I grabbed my camera to record the proceedings.  Don't worry, she got lots of hugs and soothing words once she calmed down.

All I know is that she is just like me and I dropped the attitude around thirteen.  Here's hoping we both survive the next six years.  :)

I hope your Easter was a little less dramatic than mine and you had the chance to enjoy this glorious spring weather!

{M} xo