Mr. Roan

Here are few of my favourites from a recent newborn session.  Mr. Roan is nearly three weeks old and absolutely squishable!  His mom is a friend of a friend and was kind enough to let me come over and snap some shots of Roan for my newborn portfolio.  This little guy was so great, wide awake for the whole  two hours I was there, and totally relaxed while I swaddled, posed and snuggled him.  It was nice to get some wide-eyed shots, since they can be a rare commodity with newborns.  He was great at making eye contact (already!) which made for some really cute images.  Of course, he fell sound asleep five minutes before I walked out the door, but such is the life of a newborn!   

Thanks again Dawn (and Mahesh) for letting me capture some beautiful images of your little man!