Matt + Lauren | Engaged | KW Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to meet this wonderful couple at the location for their upcoming summer wedding, the Detweiler Meeting House, near Roseville.  This quaint, sparse little meeting house is so beautiful and full of light, I can't wait to photograph their wedding!! We were lucky enough to find the caretaker on the grounds, which allowed us the chance to do a couple of images inside - AMAZING!!  Then we just walked around the small area surround the building to capture a few more moments. This couple has been together for a few years, which I love because they know each other so well - how to make each other laugh, how to make each other comfortable and how to just be together.  Plain and simple love.

Counting the days until we get to go back to this fabulous location in August and watch these two seal their vows!

M xo

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