Ashlee + Kevin | Langdon Hall Engagement | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met Ashlee + Kevin on a gorgeous June night at the hidden oasis of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, south of Kitchener, Ontario in the village of Blair.  This place has extra special meaning for these two, as Kevin is the current assistant head gardener and has been working at Langdon Hall for the last seven years.

We started off exploring the trails that criss-cross the grounds, laughing and soaking up the sunshine that was pouring through the treetops (and maybe swatting a mosquito or two!). Then we wound our way back toward the gardens, stopping at a berm covered in wildflowers before they snuggled under the pergola. These two are so easy together, laughing and playfully joking around to keep the mood light.

Next we ventured over to the greenhouse, my favourite spot of the evening, where Kevin has spent countless hours tending seedlings and planning gardens. The kitchen's store of cooking herbs are also in there and I loved watching him show Ashlee each plant, encouraging her to smell the various aromas.  Then I forced him to work (read: sweep. Don't tell his boss!) so that they could snuggle on the stairs.  It is really amazing how a 150-year-old greenhouse, shored up with cement and plywood to keep it standing, can become a romantic little haven in the right moment.

A stop on the croquet lawn was next, snuggling in a late-blooming variety of lilac and Kevin running his fingers through her hair (ruining her curls, but I say it was worth it!). We ended the night in the orchard, where they snuggled under the branches of the low trees that have witnessed many weddings over the years, before the new event centre, Firshade, was constructed.

Thank you both for trusting me to photograph you just as you are, adorable, so in love and damn hot!  Looking forward to covering Ash's side of the fence when we head to Steckle Heritage Farm next year for your wedding!

M xo

Melanie + Charlie | Ancaster Mill Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Melanie + Charlie got married on what turned out to be a gloriously sunny Friday evening in April, after the weather forecast called for snow and rain all week long.  They had their wedding at the spectacular Ancaster Mill, a stunning venue with a waterfall, old stone buildings and a new, light-filled chapel. I met Mel and her ladies in the bridal suite and took a few before heading up to the chapel for the ceremony.  Their families looked on as they exchanged vows and rings, tears in their eyes (and mine too, as usual). As they signed the registry, their niece serenaded them and then they sealed it all with a kiss before walking back down the aisle as husband and wife!  After a toast with their wedding party and a few family photos, we adventured around the mill property and photographed them as a couple, taking advantage of all the cute little nooks and crannies.  As the sun sank lower, we took some wedding party photos before they joined their now-united family for a fantastic meal.

Thank you Charlie + Mel for having me there to photograph your sweet and simple day, it was such a pleasure!

M xo

Moraa + Tyler | Waterloo Wedding Photographer

Moraa + Tyler got married on a sunny fall day on Thanksgiving weekend.  After meeting Moraa at their house to take some pictures of her getting ready, I met Tyler at Waterloo Park with his group.  I love the moment that he read the note from his love, always such a sweet way to remind each other why you are there together to celebrate your love.  The other cool thing about this gang is that the bride had her brother as one of her wedding party and he had his closest gal pal in his, such a fun twist!

After taking some group shots, we snuck over to the church to get ready before the ceremony.  Pizza was ordered and everyone refuelled for the big event.  The guest started to arrive and lots of hugging and chatter filled the space before people took their seats (just so you know, Kenyan Aunties and Uncles are a BIG group and love to chat The sweetest people!).

They shared their vows and absorbed the love and prayers of their friends and family and then were danced and sung out the door over a beautiful carpet of silk, a Kenyan tradition.  We made our way over to the Perimetre Institute to take a few more photos of them as a couple before the horse and carriage picked them up.  After a short (and chilly) ride, they arrive at their reception in the Delta Hotels Waterloo for some good food and lots of dancing.

Thank you Tyler + Moraa for trusting me to document your beautiful day!

M xo

PS Special thanks to my awesome assistant for this day, Rochelle Barber from AboutFace Photography!

Intimate At-Home Wedding | Kevin + Anwyn | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

When I think about Anwyn + Kevin. I can't help but smile.  These two people are the most genuine, caring and hilarious people I have met in a long time and I am pretty lucky to now consider them friends.  It all started at their engagement session, when we roamed Toronto and laughed hysterically, creating more inside jokes together in two hours than I thought possible with two people I had only just met.  I knew from that day that I was in for a hell of a lot of fun at their wedding.  I was right.

Their wedding was held in the home where Anwyn grew up, full of treasured memories and lovingly converted to a beautiful ceremony space for the day by her parents.  I arrived to find her getting ready with her awesome posse of gals, singing to Celine Dion and keeping the mood light with her easy laugh and smile.  Her mom was on hand too, cracking us all up (I see where Anwyn gets it) and bustling around to make sure all the final touches were done.  She maybe also suggested that Priscilla be rescued from the boys in the basement. Who is Priscilla?  Well if you guessed a fire-damaged, missing-limbed mannequin, you would be absolutely correct!  And there just happened to be an extra wedding dress lying around from Anwyn's days working in a bridal shop, so suddenly Priscilla was decked out and ready to try and steal the show.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life during the bride getting ready.  Also, so many happy tears.  The bride recorded a beautiful song to share with her mom as she finished doing up her dress that was so moving that the tissue box needed to be passed around several times.  And when she descended the stairs for her father to see her for the first time, I actually prayed that I even got a few frames, such was the level of I-can't-even-hold-myself-together-right-now.

After finding Kevin putting the on the last bits of his nuptial apparel, I led him outside to standby for the first look.  I love doing a first look, the reactions are always so real and candid when a couple first sees one another and has time to really soak it in.  There may or may not have been a very loud "holy s**t" expressed by the groom when he saw his gorgeous bride.

Now normally, I don't really share too many wedding party/group photos in these posts, but when you have a group of actors around, not to mention parents and family who take themselves not-too-seriously, there are too many awesome moments to leave them out!  Then the star of the show, DRAGON (yes his name needs to be in caps, he is that awesome) the cutest dog ever, made his appearance and doggy kisses abounded.  Having been bathed in canine love, we took some time around the beautiful property to capture the couple together in the fall sunshine.

We took a break to have some supper and thaw out before the guests arrived.  They were escorted to the living room, all set for the ceremony, awash in candlelight and so intimate.  Kevin + Anwyn bound sticks together in a Welsh tradition before exchanging emotional vows.  And as if I wasn't already a hot mess of tears, two of their friends serenaded them with "Make You Feel My Love", with Anwyn taking over to sing the last verse to her new husband.  Pick me up off the floor.

The recessional led right to the front hall for a touching speech from her dad and a champagne toast.  After making their rounds to gather hugs and warm wishes, they loaded into their car Gary and were off to dance the night away with even more friends and family. Best day.

Thank you, Anwyn + Kevin for making me always welcome, for trusting me to be there for every moment of your day and for making me laugh.  A LOT.

M xomandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-01mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-02mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-03mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-04mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-05mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-06mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-07mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-08mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-09mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-10mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-11mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-12mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-13mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-14mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-15mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-16mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-18mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-17mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-20mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-22mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-21mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-23mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-28mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-25mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-26mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-27mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-29mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-30mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-31mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-32mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-33mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-34mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-35mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-36mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-37mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-40mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-39mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-42mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-43mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-44mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-45mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-47mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-50mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-51mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-54mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-52mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-53mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-56mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-58mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-61mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-64mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-66mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-73mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-74mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-75mandy-blake-photography-home-wedding-ingersoll-76

Avon Trail Elopement | Blair + Phil | Kitchener Elopement Photographer

When Blair first reached out to me, it wasn't for wedding photos, but rather engagement photos.  Me, being the ever-so-subtle person that I am, asked her if she was planning a wedding sometime soon.  Turns out, it was VERY soon.  Like the week after we had planned the engagment photos.  As soon as she told me what she and Phil were planning though, I knew I had to photograph their wedding too. They had chosen a beautiful spot for their nuptials, a quiet piece of the Avon Trail outside of Stratford, where the leaves were falling thickly on the path and the bubbling of a little stream was the only sound other than bird songs.  The small group of us picked our way on the muddy trail into the woods, where they tied the knot (literally) before exchanging their vows and rings in front of their parents, children and a dear friend. The boys were gifted a toy lion after a reading from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", a special token of remembrance for the day and the source of much wild roaring and general silliness afterwards.

After the witnesses departed, we spent some time exploring the woods as the sun began to shine.  This is my favourite part of any wedding day, the adventure of photographing the couple together in the first moments after their marriage.  The joy is so pure and the love so strong, I do my best just to capture the moments that pass between them as they soak it all in.  After wading through an ice cold creek with pant legs rolled up (okay, only I did that, because I will do almost anything to get the shot), climbing slippery, leaf-covered hills and generally having more fun than we should have, we emerged to find that most perfect beam of sun bursting through the tree tops.  A few more frames and we said our goodbyes.  The perfect little elopement.

Thank you Blair + Phil for trusting me to take this adventure with you and for welcoming into your lives.  And to my two favourite little buddies, you make me smile and I loved my time with you too!

M xomandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-61mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-01mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-06mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-05mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-07mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-08mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-17mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-10mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-11mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-12mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-13mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-16mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-14mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-15mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-18mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-19mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-20mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-21mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-09mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-22mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-26mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-24mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-25mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-27mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-30mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-31mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-28mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-29mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-34mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-35mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-36mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-23mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-32mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-02mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-41mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-39mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-38mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-42mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-47mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-46mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-40mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-44mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-45mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-48mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-49mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-50mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-51mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-52mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-55mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-57mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-53mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-54mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-58mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-59mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-60

Ellis Chapel Wedding | Lorinda + Joe | Cambridge Wedding Photographer

When I first met Lorinda, I knew that we were going to be the perfect match.  We hit it off right away, chatting and sharing stories, she showed me her (FAB) wedding shoes and pictures of her family.  And of course, photos of her wonderful Joe.  We decided it was fate that brought us together (well, fate and Hilary), as I had had three previous requests for the same date but they had each fallen through. Joe + Lorinda's day dawned sunny but cloudy and we all scanned the forecast, fingers crossed for no rain.  I met her at her adorable home, enjoying the fun and relaxed atmosphere, typical of the home of a transplanted Newfoundlander. As I photographed her dress, I noticed there was another dress hanging in the living room, which I soon found out belonged to her mom.  She had worn it on her own wedding day over 50 years before, but as it happened had no photos taken that day in the dress.  So a few helping hands got them both in their dresses and we took a few moments to take those long-ago missed pictures before heading out for the chapel.

I met Joe and his guys at gorgeous Ellis Chapel in Puslinch, an historic and magical place that seemed absolutely fairy-tale like with the simple flower touches and rich wood.  Once their near and dear were seated, the doors were thrown wide and Lorinda's son proudly walked her down the aisle.  Their ceremony was so full of looks of love and bursts of laughter, I was just trying to keep photographing through my tears.

After they received their guests and we photographed all of their wonderful family and friends, we spent a few minutes together taking some portraits of the two of them. Then we headed to the nearby Old Marina Restaurant, where their wedding party awaited on a cool pontoon boat to be carried over Puslinch Lake to the restaurant dock.

They had a sweet first dance, enjoyed a phenomenal meal, hysterical speeches and a little cake cutting.  I took my leave as they were just settling in for a night of dancing and celebration.  I went home with a sense of such rightness of the love between these two special people and I feel so blessed to have been a small part of their day.

Thanks Lorinda + Joe for being so welcoming and generous - can't wait for our next tea and muffin date!

M xo


Matt + Lauren | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Matt + Lauren had the most perfect summer day for their wedding.  Not too hot but not cold either, a miracle for early August.  I started out at Matt's parents' house to capture him getting ready, his sweet Grandma helping him follow the directions for a tricky full Winsdor tie knot and him looking dapper in his custom suit.  I then made my way to Lauren's parents' house, where Lauren was getting into her seriously gorgeous blush princess dress.  With help from her sisters and mom (as well as a well-wishing neighbour), she strapped on her yellow pumps and she was ready to go! The ceremony and reception were held at the quaint and lovely Detwiler Meeting House just outside of Roseville. where we did their engagement photos the year before, but now it was surrounded by tall corn fields and streaming with summer light.  Their ceremony was simple, heartfelt and full of love.  After we worked our way around the property, capturing them in the bliss of newlywed love, playing some lawn Jenga along the way, they headed inside the tent to celebrate with their friends and family with a mashed potato bar and lots of other awesome nosh.  The selfie booth was a big hit and when the S'mores bar got set up, I knew it was going to be a great night.  I made my exit (mouth full of S'mores) and left them to dance the night away.

Thank you Matt + Lauren for making me a small part of your day and for being so welcoming and kind.

M xokitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-01kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-02kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-03kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-04kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-05kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-06kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-07kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-08kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-09kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-10kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-11kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-12kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-14kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-13kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-15kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-16kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-17kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-18kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-25kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-20kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-19kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-26kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-24kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-22kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-23kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-27kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-29kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-28kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-37kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-38kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-39kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-30kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-36kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-40kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-32kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-33kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-34kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-35kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-41kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-42kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-43kitchener-wedding-photographer-roseville-chapel-44

Kim + James | Backyard Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

When I met Kim + James for the first time in person at their engagement session, I knew immediately that I was going to have a blast photographing their wedding.  And I was right. Held in their gorgoues country backyard in lovely Orillia, it was a laid-back but beautifully-detailed affair, with their amazing friends pitching in to get the last minute decorations and plans completed before the ceremony, scurrying in and out of the tent, watching the skies carefully, fingers-crossed against the rain.

I loved watching the tender moments of this day unfold, Kim's dad seeing her in her dress for the first time and her friends presenting a hilarious and touching scrapbook of their adventures together.  James arrived with his gang of groomsmen in tow, looking nervous but ready.  The boys quickly found themselves put to work, wiping damp seats and finding extra umbrellas, as the rain began to fall shortly before the ceremony was due to begin.

But right when Kim was going to make her walk down the forest aisle, the rain let up and the skies cleared.  After they exchanged their vows (sealed with a kiss and a high-five), we gathered for a group photo, a few family photos and a speech by Kim's bestie before driving just up the road to begin the bridal party photos.  Beer and canapes made this go smoothly, with their great group of friends joking and laughing and just having a blast.  It is always such a relief as a wedding photographer to have a group that is willing to be relaxed and go-with-the-flow, much easier than stiff and nervous.

After we finished with the big group, we took a few minutes to capture the bride & groom on the beautiful old farm property (directly across from the famous Webers, a popular stop on the way to the Muskokas).  We hit the reception for a little while and then snuck out quickly to get the sunset shots the bride was dying for and the string-lights shot that I wanted.  Overall, it was a simply phenomenal day. One that I smiled about all the way home to Kitchener.

Thank you, Goose & Gander for your trust, your warm welcome and for just being plain awesome.

M xoWedding 001Wedding 007Wedding 042Wedding 043Wedding 049Wedding 052Wedding 053Wedding 054Wedding 078Wedding 069Wedding 070Wedding 072Wedding 073Wedding 102Wedding 114Wedding 113Wedding 119Wedding 122Wedding 121Wedding 140Wedding 150Wedding 158Wedding 162Wedding 179Wedding 185Wedding 190Wedding 192Wedding 223Wedding 243Wedding 249Wedding 251Wedding 273Wedding 276Wedding 255Wedding 265Wedding 284Wedding 290Wedding 310Wedding 319Wedding 327Wedding 270Wedding 304Wedding 328Wedding 331Wedding 376Wedding 384Wedding 399

Kim + James | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met up with Kim + James while we were both on a mini-vacation in beautiful Tobermory for their engagement session (well, my family's cottage is up there, so it was more like an overnight getaway from the city for me).  We headed to nearby Singing Sands on Dorcas Bay Road to enjoy the beach, water and sunset as we explored and photographed. I had never met either of them in person before this evening, just emails back and forth to set up dates and times and talk about their wedding day, but I knew right away that they were my kind of people.  Laid-back, kind and warm and not afraid to get pine needles in their pants changing in the woods.  We were going to have fun.

And we did.  We hung out until the sun was nearly set and walked away slightly damp, sandy and smiling, all good signs as far as I am concerned.  They are such an amazing couple and I couldn't wait to photograph their September wedding when we parted ways.

And let me tell you, I was right to be excited - their wedding was FABULOUS.  Those images will be comin' at ya in an upcomoing post, but for now, enjoy a little kiss of summer sun.

M xo

Engagement 01Engagement 04Engagement 06Engagement 07Engagement 11Engagement 15Engagement 12Engagement 16Engagement 17Engagement 20Engagement 21Engagement 24Engagement 27Engagement 29Engagement 30

Emily + Todd | Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

When Emily first connected with me, we clicked right away.  A fellow photographer, she is warm and friendly and she had some pretty huge plans for the day she and Todd would exchange their vows.  She was crafting busily, making backdrops, props and just generally glitter-bombing their apartment in preparation, while her parents readied their lovely property near Breslau and her future mother- and sister-in-law were whipping up not one but FIVE cakes! And then... it rained.  Not a little bit, but poured buckets and the wind howled.  Well, crap.  There was so much beauty in the carefully-made and colourful decor that it was a terrible disappointment, but everyone rallied and my second photographer Kayla and I did our best to capture as many of the details as we could for posterity.  And we did manage to nab the one shot that the bride had planned as a surprise for her groom and wedding party - smoke bombs!

Fortunately, we had a back-up plan for the photos - a colourful paper-flower backdrop for the bridal party (including 9 kids!) and Belgian Nursery's cactus room and greenhouse for some portraits of the bride and groom.  Phew!  Once the ceremony was over and the delicious tapas-style dinner of comfort food was served, everyone hunkered down in the soggy tent to listen to heartfelt, hilarious speeches and watch the multiple cake cuttings.  We snuck outside for one final shot in the (literal) dark, where Emily & Todd gamely mimicked blowing away with their balloons in a humourous nod to the weather demons. I can only speculate about how much fun everyone had stomping on the wet dance floor in their high rubber boots after I left, but it sounds like the party was pretty good.

Thank you both for being such good sports and for letting me have some chocolate ice cream from that awesome ice cream truck.  Best day ever when you get free ice cream and photograph a spectacular wedding.

M xoWedding 082Wedding 018Wedding 012Wedding 001Wedding 004Wedding 425Wedding 024Wedding 049Wedding 056Wedding 060Wedding 072Wedding 091Wedding 141Wedding 145Wedding 146Wedding 155Wedding 160Wedding 162Wedding 166Wedding 174Wedding 175Wedding 182Wedding 189Wedding 190Wedding 192Wedding 194Wedding 219Wedding 427Wedding 242Wedding 262Wedding 245Wedding 267Wedding 280Wedding 285Wedding 286Wedding 292Wedding 293Wedding 295Wedding 307Wedding 309Wedding 275Wedding 328Wedding 343Wedding 345Wedding 417Wedding 416Wedding 434Wedding 439Wedding 480Wedding 511

Lisa + Mitch | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

There is something about Elora Gorge that is so peaceful yet powerful.  It is a place I have explored before with my family while camping, but I had never been right down to the water's edge, nor had I ventured along the winding paths near the quaint town.  But on this night, with this amazing couple, we did just that.  Meeting at the ruins of the Little Folks Furniture Factory, we wound our way towards the lower basin below the Tooth of Time, stopping along the way to check out fallen buildings and the gorge's rugged beauty. Once we got down to the quiet pool, Lisa + Mitch gamely climbed rocks, hung out in caves and braved the freezing water to take advantage of all of the natural beauty surrounding us.  They are so sweet and connected, it was the perfect fusion of love and nature.

We headed back up the cliffside to find the sunshine again, Mitch sweetly guiding Lisa over the rough, loose stones (even though she was way more sure-footed in those cute sandals than I was in  my hiking shoes!) and we did a few more portraits before calling it a night.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding in a couple of weeks.  They are so laid back, fun and sweet, I know that it will be a day full of love and celebration with their family and friends! In the meantime, enjoy the images from this beautiful evening.

M xo


Amanda + Joel | A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photography

If I could go back in time, I would have a backyard wedding.  Casual, intimate, personal - all of the things that really make a wedding fun.  Joel & Amanda had just such a wedding. I was contacted by Amanda shortly before the big day, and quickly agreed to head out to her family's beautiful rural property to photograph the backyard bash they were planning.  The day dawned, sunny and crisp on Thanksgiving weekend.  I arrived in the early stages of getting things together and was immediately welcomed by her large and loving family.  The celebration was to be at sunset, with a BBQ and relaxed socialization leading up to the big moment.

I got to work photographing all of the action, watching the kids climb on the swingset, dodging marsh-soaked dogs who were playfully chasing each other and soaking up the fall sun.  As the sun slowly dipped down to an early fall sunset, we gathered the family for photos, a chance for everyone to gather their love and support not only around the happy couple, but also around Amanda's gravely ill Mom, who was an exceptionally patient trooper, sitting through the multitude of combinations that we planned.  It was such an amazing honour to see and feel the love that this family has for one another.

As sundown approched, Amanda snuck away to change into a lovely white dress to surprise Joel, and onlookers gathered on the large deck and on the lawn below to watch them exchange their vows. One of my favourite parts ofthe day was watching Amanda and Joel being gathered into a spontaneous group hug by all of the kids after the ceremony - a big hug full of love and excitement.

Thank you to Amanda and Joel and their entire families for welcoming me into your lives and hearts that day.  I won't soon forget it.

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Rachel + Allan | Married | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

The first weekend of October.  It was cold and raining on and off.  The skies were threatening to open up any minute, maybe with some snow.  Noses were running and fingers were numb.  But none of that matters when it comes to this couple.  They could warm the entire world with their kind, laughter-filled love. As I said in their engagement post, these two make me smile.  And once I met their family and friends, I could see that they both come by their lovely joy quite naturally.  One of my favourite moments was watching Allan try to hold back tears as his stunning bride made her way ethereally through the forest, coming to meet her prince.  They joined hands in front of their guests and spoke to each other directly from the heart, causing both laughter and tears.

After the vows were said and the commitment secured, we snuck off to the woods for a few moments of quiet celebration before heading back to join their guest in celebration.  After a wee mingle, we all packed up and headed to the Timeless Cafe & Bakery, on the grounds of the Timeless Material Co. in Waterloo.  There we had fun hanging out with the wedding party, sneaking up on R + A and just generally being silly! I also had a small heart attack when Rachel's gorgeous pearl engagement ring nearly got lost among the many stacks of wood on the property, but I managed to rescue it without delay! Phew!

A delicious meal followed and then the party moved out to the tent, where their talented friends performed for the gathered masses who came to wish this phenomenal couple a life of happiness and joy together.  Honestly, it could not have been more perfect.

Thank you, Rachel + Allan for inviting me to be a part of your breathtaking day and I can't wait to share many more moments of love, happiness and hilarity as you grow your family in the years to come. Love you both.

M xo

PS Special thanks to Rachel Keyes for coming out to second shoot with me - you are awesome!


Matt + Lauren | Engaged | KW Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to meet this wonderful couple at the location for their upcoming summer wedding, the Detweiler Meeting House, near Roseville.  This quaint, sparse little meeting house is so beautiful and full of light, I can't wait to photograph their wedding!! We were lucky enough to find the caretaker on the grounds, which allowed us the chance to do a couple of images inside - AMAZING!!  Then we just walked around the small area surround the building to capture a few more moments. This couple has been together for a few years, which I love because they know each other so well - how to make each other laugh, how to make each other comfortable and how to just be together.  Plain and simple love.

Counting the days until we get to go back to this fabulous location in August and watch these two seal their vows!

M xo

kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-2 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-3 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-4 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-5 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-6 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-7 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-8 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-1 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-9 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-11 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-10 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-15 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-13 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-12 kitchener-engagement-photographer-detweiler-meeting-house-14

2014: Year in Review | Kitchener Photographer

At the end of each year, it always blows me away just how lucky I am.  I get to photograph people who are full of love, laughter and joy.  I am invited into people lives, even if just for a couple of hours and that is so very special.  This year has brought many return clients, giving me the opportunity to watch a family grow and change, which is such a cool thing to witness.  And there have been new clients as well, whom I look forward to meeting, year-after-year to see those wonderful changes.  Like I told one of my recent wedding couples, "You're stuck with me now!  I am YOUR family photographer!" The bottom line is that without all of your smiling faces, I would not be able to do this job that I love.  It is all of you who keep me smiling, laughing and crying along with you.  THANK YOU. From the very bottom of my big ol' heart.  Truly.  You are what inspires me to get better and learn more and find new ways to help you see your happy shine.

This year has seen a lot of firsts for my business, as I branched out into boudoir and wedding photography.  Now that I can make it through either of those without losing hours of sleep the night before, I am so excited to see where these paths will take me!!  I also worked hard to really bring out the storytelling aspects of my imagery, and to work in different locations that helped to guide these stories: the fair, the backyard, in the river, downtown Kitchener, in your home.  I am thrilled to keep moving in this direction of approach for 2015 - so get ready to have me storm your backyards and homes, people! ;)

Another huge part of this year was leaning on my amazing photography colleagues as I pushed into new and sometimes terrifying territory.  I probably wouldn't push myself nearly as far without their gentle nudges sometimes and having them to act as sounding boards is something I value beyond words and try never to take for granted.  To Hilary, the Oprah to my Gayle, the Scribsy to my Flash - I love being on the rocket ship with you and wouldn't want to be on this ride with anyone else. To Michelle B, Dana, Martina, Kate, Sandra, Lisa, and Michelle S - I love you girls so much and am so happy and thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you 2014, for being such a fantastic year.  Welcome 2015!

M xo


Scott + Melissa | Timeless Cafe & Bakery Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

After a beautiful, sunny engagement session with these two, I was so excited to photograph their wedding!  A small, intimate gathering of their closest friends and family, their wedding took place at the amazing Timeless Cafe & Bakery in Waterloo in their upstairs function space. As expected, the day was full of laughter and smiles and love, all set on the backdrop of the lovely cafe and the surrounding rustic beauty that is Timeless Material Co.  I loved that this wedding was short and absolutely sweet, with lovely details and tons of love.

Thank you Scott & Melissa for inviting me to photograph your day.  I felt so welcomed by you and your families and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

M xokitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-1kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-17kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-20kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-21kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-22kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-3kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-4kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-18kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-2kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-5kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-6kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-7kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-8kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-9kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-16kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-10kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-11kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-19kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-13kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-12kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-14kitchener-wedding-photographer-heaman-15

Melissa + Scott | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

This night could not have been more fantastic.  The sun was bright but the temperature cool, with a lovely light breeze.  Two gorgeous people in love and willing to accommodate my crazy requests despite a few mosquito attacks.  We worked our way around the Grand River Trail near RIM Park in Waterloo, taking advantage of the lush greens as a beautiful backdrop to capture this couple's connection. My favourite thing about this couple is how comfortable they are with each other.  Even when they are not touching, you can feel the connection between them.  She likes to make silly faces at him, while he tells her jokes as they walk together.  He helped her down into the creek and held her close to keep footing on the slick stones.  She fixed his hair under his beloved Bass Pro hat.  Simple, beautiful love.

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later this summer, but until then, enjoy these images!

M xo