Welcoming Kiaan | Kitchener Family Lifestyle Photographer

I have been photographing this lovely family (now dear friends) since their oldest was just 4 months old and now they have welcomed a new son!  I was thrilled to meet their new addition and to capture som images of them in their Waterloo home with their new little man as a family. I loved watching his big brother hold him and give him tender (well, mostly tender) kisses and seeing his parents eyes light up when he looked at them with his big brown eyes.  Sure, those first few weeks are trying, sleep-derived, hard-to-adjust, all-new learning curve times, but I think it is so wonderful to get in there and have those first days captured so that when he is growing bigger and no longer wants to be held, they can look back and remember the way it was. One day, the perfect swaddle or hair spike or outfit will all be a memory, except for these photos.  That is something to cherish.

Love you all to bits and I can't wait to keep watching your handsome boys grow and flourish.

M xoFamily 15Family 03Family 04Family 17Family 16Family 09Family 11Family 10Family 02Family 01Family 13Family 12Family 18Family 08Family 05Family 06

Baby Charlie | Kitchener Lifestyle Photographer

I was so thrilled when Melissa & Scott connected with me again after I photographed their wedding last year, to see if I would come to their home with to capture life with their new babe.  I just love photographing families in their homes, so quiet and relaxed, it makes the perfect backdrop for family photos.  And even though this little man wasn't too keen on sleeping for us, we had a great time seeing his wide-eyed expressions. His big brother was so proud of not only his new baby brother, but to show me all of his toys and his train set.  We spent a bit of time building some new rail sections - apparently engineering is not my forte as he had much better ideas than me! After we were finished, dad served me the most delicious homemade peach pie that he made from his Grandma's recipe.  The perfect end to a beautiful evening with this growing family.

Thank you all for inviting me into your home and back into your lives, it is truly an honour to watch you build your lives and family together.

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I Heart Faces - Best Face of 2014 Photo Challenge

This is my submission to the I Heart Faces "Best Face of 2014" Photo Challenge! I just love her little smirk - it makes me wonder what she is dreaming about... I am super excited to be a Guest Judge for this photo challenge along with other members of the IHF Creative team! Join in the fun - get more details on the IHF website!Newborn 09I-Heart-Faces-button

2014: Year in Review | Kitchener Photographer

At the end of each year, it always blows me away just how lucky I am.  I get to photograph people who are full of love, laughter and joy.  I am invited into people lives, even if just for a couple of hours and that is so very special.  This year has brought many return clients, giving me the opportunity to watch a family grow and change, which is such a cool thing to witness.  And there have been new clients as well, whom I look forward to meeting, year-after-year to see those wonderful changes.  Like I told one of my recent wedding couples, "You're stuck with me now!  I am YOUR family photographer!" The bottom line is that without all of your smiling faces, I would not be able to do this job that I love.  It is all of you who keep me smiling, laughing and crying along with you.  THANK YOU. From the very bottom of my big ol' heart.  Truly.  You are what inspires me to get better and learn more and find new ways to help you see your happy shine.

This year has seen a lot of firsts for my business, as I branched out into boudoir and wedding photography.  Now that I can make it through either of those without losing hours of sleep the night before, I am so excited to see where these paths will take me!!  I also worked hard to really bring out the storytelling aspects of my imagery, and to work in different locations that helped to guide these stories: the fair, the backyard, in the river, downtown Kitchener, in your home.  I am thrilled to keep moving in this direction of approach for 2015 - so get ready to have me storm your backyards and homes, people! ;)

Another huge part of this year was leaning on my amazing photography colleagues as I pushed into new and sometimes terrifying territory.  I probably wouldn't push myself nearly as far without their gentle nudges sometimes and having them to act as sounding boards is something I value beyond words and try never to take for granted.  To Hilary, the Oprah to my Gayle, the Scribsy to my Flash - I love being on the rocket ship with you and wouldn't want to be on this ride with anyone else. To Michelle B, Dana, Martina, Kate, Sandra, Lisa, and Michelle S - I love you girls so much and am so happy and thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you 2014, for being such a fantastic year.  Welcome 2015!

M xo


And Then They Were Four | Kitchener Family Photography

When I first met this lovely family, their little guy was on the eve of his first birthday.  I remember fondly singing Old MacDonald at the top of our lungs to get him smiling.  But this time around, we needed no such encouragement.  He was all smiles from the start, snuggling in his parents' arms and showing off his contagious grin. But we were not just there to capture his smiling face, but also his mama's bump, where rested his soon-to-be new sister.  It was such a beautiful warm night on the outskirts of Milton, where the summer sun filtered beautifully through the trees onto the boardwalk, highlighting that perfect belly and radiant happiness of this expectant family.  Here are a few from that night...



And then, a few short weeks later, she was here!  With a head full of hair and adorable button nose, she won over her unsure big brother and her wonderful parents.  I headed to their home to photograph the new foursome in her stunning nursery and to play some Wiggles guitar with big brother in between feedings.  I cannot wait to see this beautiful girl grow into her warm, welcoming, adoring family.  We already have her one-year session planned - I wonder if how much hair she will have by then??

Thank you all for welcoming me into your home and your lives.  I can't wait to see you in September to catch up!

M xo

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