Suspenders and Tutus | Toronto Engagement Session | Anwyn + Kevin

I made my way down to Toronto on what turned out to be one the of the busiest Saturdays of the summer.  As I battled the traffic that was heading to Caribana, the Jays game or the Rogers Cup, I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull this off, a girl from the small city trying to make it, if only for a few moments, in the big city. But as soon as I first met Anwyn & Kevin, I was put completely at ease.  Their quirky senses of humour, much like mine, and their laid-back, adorable love was going to make this a better adventure than I could have ever imagined.  We quickly dubbed this session Suspenders and Tutus, a gentle poke at Kevin's initial reluctance to rock the trouser-straps and her kickass pink tutu.  Laughing, we set out to make our way around their neighbourhood, which had both lush greens and cool urbanity, lending a really city vibe to our outing.

As we set off towards the waterfront, we laughed about the book that we carried along, a find among Kevin's bookshelves that we found hysterical: "Architecture, Anyone?"  Of course, we had to incorporate this and I love that as an actress, Anwyn played the role of a confused and slightly-bored fiancee as Kevin looked at his fave book to perfection.  What a pair!  We also included a beautifully and intricately carved spoon, a gift from her family in Wales which has its root in the old tradition of a man presenting a carved object to propose to his belle, rather than a ring.  So cool!

We circled back toward their condo, stopping at their local Starbucks to grab a cuppa and take a couple of more frames before we said our goodbyes.  If I wasn't already looking forward to their fall wedding, I am over the moon excited now.

Thank you both for laughing along with me and showing a great time in your 'hood.

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