Intimate At-Home Wedding | Kevin + Anwyn | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

When I think about Anwyn + Kevin. I can't help but smile.  These two people are the most genuine, caring and hilarious people I have met in a long time and I am pretty lucky to now consider them friends.  It all started at their engagement session, when we roamed Toronto and laughed hysterically, creating more inside jokes together in two hours than I thought possible with two people I had only just met.  I knew from that day that I was in for a hell of a lot of fun at their wedding.  I was right.

Their wedding was held in the home where Anwyn grew up, full of treasured memories and lovingly converted to a beautiful ceremony space for the day by her parents.  I arrived to find her getting ready with her awesome posse of gals, singing to Celine Dion and keeping the mood light with her easy laugh and smile.  Her mom was on hand too, cracking us all up (I see where Anwyn gets it) and bustling around to make sure all the final touches were done.  She maybe also suggested that Priscilla be rescued from the boys in the basement. Who is Priscilla?  Well if you guessed a fire-damaged, missing-limbed mannequin, you would be absolutely correct!  And there just happened to be an extra wedding dress lying around from Anwyn's days working in a bridal shop, so suddenly Priscilla was decked out and ready to try and steal the show.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life during the bride getting ready.  Also, so many happy tears.  The bride recorded a beautiful song to share with her mom as she finished doing up her dress that was so moving that the tissue box needed to be passed around several times.  And when she descended the stairs for her father to see her for the first time, I actually prayed that I even got a few frames, such was the level of I-can't-even-hold-myself-together-right-now.

After finding Kevin putting the on the last bits of his nuptial apparel, I led him outside to standby for the first look.  I love doing a first look, the reactions are always so real and candid when a couple first sees one another and has time to really soak it in.  There may or may not have been a very loud "holy s**t" expressed by the groom when he saw his gorgeous bride.

Now normally, I don't really share too many wedding party/group photos in these posts, but when you have a group of actors around, not to mention parents and family who take themselves not-too-seriously, there are too many awesome moments to leave them out!  Then the star of the show, DRAGON (yes his name needs to be in caps, he is that awesome) the cutest dog ever, made his appearance and doggy kisses abounded.  Having been bathed in canine love, we took some time around the beautiful property to capture the couple together in the fall sunshine.

We took a break to have some supper and thaw out before the guests arrived.  They were escorted to the living room, all set for the ceremony, awash in candlelight and so intimate.  Kevin + Anwyn bound sticks together in a Welsh tradition before exchanging emotional vows.  And as if I wasn't already a hot mess of tears, two of their friends serenaded them with "Make You Feel My Love", with Anwyn taking over to sing the last verse to her new husband.  Pick me up off the floor.

The recessional led right to the front hall for a touching speech from her dad and a champagne toast.  After making their rounds to gather hugs and warm wishes, they loaded into their car Gary and were off to dance the night away with even more friends and family. Best day.

Thank you, Anwyn + Kevin for making me always welcome, for trusting me to be there for every moment of your day and for making me laugh.  A LOT.

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Avon Trail Elopement | Blair + Phil | Kitchener Elopement Photographer

When Blair first reached out to me, it wasn't for wedding photos, but rather engagement photos.  Me, being the ever-so-subtle person that I am, asked her if she was planning a wedding sometime soon.  Turns out, it was VERY soon.  Like the week after we had planned the engagment photos.  As soon as she told me what she and Phil were planning though, I knew I had to photograph their wedding too. They had chosen a beautiful spot for their nuptials, a quiet piece of the Avon Trail outside of Stratford, where the leaves were falling thickly on the path and the bubbling of a little stream was the only sound other than bird songs.  The small group of us picked our way on the muddy trail into the woods, where they tied the knot (literally) before exchanging their vows and rings in front of their parents, children and a dear friend. The boys were gifted a toy lion after a reading from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", a special token of remembrance for the day and the source of much wild roaring and general silliness afterwards.

After the witnesses departed, we spent some time exploring the woods as the sun began to shine.  This is my favourite part of any wedding day, the adventure of photographing the couple together in the first moments after their marriage.  The joy is so pure and the love so strong, I do my best just to capture the moments that pass between them as they soak it all in.  After wading through an ice cold creek with pant legs rolled up (okay, only I did that, because I will do almost anything to get the shot), climbing slippery, leaf-covered hills and generally having more fun than we should have, we emerged to find that most perfect beam of sun bursting through the tree tops.  A few more frames and we said our goodbyes.  The perfect little elopement.

Thank you Blair + Phil for trusting me to take this adventure with you and for welcoming into your lives.  And to my two favourite little buddies, you make me smile and I loved my time with you too!

M xomandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-61mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-01mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-06mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-05mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-07mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-08mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-17mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-10mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-11mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-12mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-13mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-16mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-14mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-15mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-18mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-19mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-20mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-21mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-09mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-22mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-26mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-24mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-25mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-27mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-30mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-31mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-28mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-29mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-34mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-35mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-36mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-23mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-32mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-02mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-41mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-39mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-38mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-42mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-47mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-46mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-40mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-44mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-45mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-48mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-49mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-50mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-51mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-52mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-55mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-57mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-53mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-54mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-58mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-59mandy-blake-photography-forest-elopement-60

Suspenders and Tutus | Toronto Engagement Session | Anwyn + Kevin

I made my way down to Toronto on what turned out to be one the of the busiest Saturdays of the summer.  As I battled the traffic that was heading to Caribana, the Jays game or the Rogers Cup, I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull this off, a girl from the small city trying to make it, if only for a few moments, in the big city. But as soon as I first met Anwyn & Kevin, I was put completely at ease.  Their quirky senses of humour, much like mine, and their laid-back, adorable love was going to make this a better adventure than I could have ever imagined.  We quickly dubbed this session Suspenders and Tutus, a gentle poke at Kevin's initial reluctance to rock the trouser-straps and her kickass pink tutu.  Laughing, we set out to make our way around their neighbourhood, which had both lush greens and cool urbanity, lending a really city vibe to our outing.

As we set off towards the waterfront, we laughed about the book that we carried along, a find among Kevin's bookshelves that we found hysterical: "Architecture, Anyone?"  Of course, we had to incorporate this and I love that as an actress, Anwyn played the role of a confused and slightly-bored fiancee as Kevin looked at his fave book to perfection.  What a pair!  We also included a beautifully and intricately carved spoon, a gift from her family in Wales which has its root in the old tradition of a man presenting a carved object to propose to his belle, rather than a ring.  So cool!

We circled back toward their condo, stopping at their local Starbucks to grab a cuppa and take a couple of more frames before we said our goodbyes.  If I wasn't already looking forward to their fall wedding, I am over the moon excited now.

Thank you both for laughing along with me and showing a great time in your 'hood.

M xotoronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-01toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-06toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-07toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-08toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-05toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-09toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-10toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-11toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-12toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-03toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-13toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-14toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-15toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-16toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-02toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-17toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-18toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-19toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-20toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-33toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-21toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-22toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-23toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-24toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-25toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-26toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-04toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-27toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-28toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-29toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-31toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-34toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-35toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-36toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-37toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-39toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-40toronto-queens-quay--urban-engagement-38

Chicopee Pine Forest Wedding | Ben + Christie | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

When Christie first reached out to me to see if I would be willing to photograph her and Ben's Ontario reception, she had me hooked right away with their lovely story.  After meeting through work in Hawaii and falling in love, they married in a small civil ceremony this past spring and were coming back to her hometown of KW to have a celebration with friends and family on the east coast.  When she told me that it was only going to be the people to whom "you say 'I love you' at the end of a phone call and mean it",  I knew we were going to get along fabulously.  Her grandfather was going to be the officiant, his dad the best man, her sister the maid-of-honour and Ben's son was the ring bearer.  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding. Another huge bonus was the fact that the ceremony was being held in the pine forest at Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort, a stunningly beautiful clearing with soaring pines and sweeping green lushness.  Count. Me. In.

The day of the wedding, we started with a first look, with both Ben and little man waiting for the gorgeous bride to arrive.  It was so sweet to see how this family just radiates love and connection.  Right afterward, Christie and Ben said their vows, in private and just for each other - my new MOST favourite thing.  They wanted so much to say the words with deep feeling and sincere honesty, right to each other's hearts.  How I managed to get any shots through my tears is still a little surprising, good grief it was amazing.

Then we prepared for the ceremony, flower petals being laid on the path to the altar and Grandpa taking his spot in front of the guests.  They said their vows again and finally exchanged real rings, after wearing place-holder rings since their elopement.  They greeted all of their guests, many coming from Conneticut to support Ben and people from all over Ontario to celebrate with Christie, who then went to enjoy nibblies while we took our time doing portraits on the stunning Chicopee property.  Big shout out to Mother Nature who gave us the most perfectly-filtered overcast light to fill the forest.  You ROCK.

Thank you Ben and Christie for trusting me to share this special day with you and your wonderful friends and family.  I truly enjoyed each and every minute.

M xochicopee-pine-forest-wedding-02chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-05chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-03chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-04chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-06chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-07chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-09chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-10chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-12chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-13chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-14chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-15chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-16chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-18chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-19chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-17chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-20chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-21chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-22chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-23chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-24chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-25chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-08chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-26chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-29chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-30chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-31chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-32chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-33chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-34chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-28chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-27chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-97chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-36chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-37chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-38chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-39chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-40chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-41chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-42chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-43chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-44chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-45chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-49chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-50chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-51chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-52chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-53chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-54chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-55chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-56chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-57chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-58chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-59chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-61chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-60chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-62chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-63chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-64chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-65chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-66chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-69chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-67chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-70chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-71chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-72chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-73chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-75chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-76chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-77chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-78chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-79chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-80chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-81chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-88chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-82chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-83chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-84chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-85chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-86chicopee-pine-forest-wedding-89

Ball's Falls Barn Wedding | Alex & Krista | Ontario Wedding Photographer

Alex & Krista are two of the sweetest, kindest and caring people I have ever met and I was so honoured to be photographing their wedding!  Set at beautiful Ball's Fall Conservation Area in Lincoln, Ontario, their combination of rustic charm with warm elegance was the perfect compliment for the historic buildings and natural landscape.  As their closest friends and loving families looked on, they celebrated their nearly 8 years together with tear-inducing vows and darling affection. After we wandered around together taking portraits, we headed back to the charming barn to eat some amazing food from The Dirty South Food Truck - oh my word, it was SO good!  After we were all stuffed to the brim with deliciouness, we danced under the string lights, the crickets filling in the brief pauses between booty shaking.  Finally, the groom pulled his vintage BMW up to the gate and they said their farewells in the glow of sparklers under the night sky.  A pretty epic day, if you ask me.

A special thank you to my assistant and sidekick for this awesome day, Rochelle of AboutFace Photography.  The best voice-activated flash stand and fellow Shep Rep a gal could ask for. Love you, Ro!

Thank you Alex & Krista for trusting me to capture your day just as it was - simple, sweet and so perfect.

M xoballs-falls-barn-wedding-summer-12balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-03balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-06balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-07balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-11balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-04balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-10balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-08balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-09balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-15balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-16balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-17balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-18balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-19balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-20balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-21balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-22balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-23balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-24balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-25balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-27balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-31balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-32balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-33balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-35balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-36balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-30balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-02balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-37balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-38balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-39balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-41balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-42balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-44balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-51balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-46balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-47balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-48balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-49balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-50balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-52balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-55balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-53balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-57balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-56balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-58balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-59balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-61balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-62balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-63balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-64balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-67balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-65balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-66balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-69balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-68balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-71balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-73balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-74balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-01balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-76balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-75balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-77balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-78balls-falls-barn-wedding-summer-79

Melanie + Charlie | Mermaid Cove Engagement | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

I met Melanie & Charlie in one of my favourite places on the planet, Tobermory. Our family cottage is there and I have spent many summers enjoying its tranquil beauty. We made our way to Mermaid Cove, a bit of a hidden gem that is more popular with locals than out-of-towners, on the Georgian Bay side of the town.  Featuring the dolomite rocks and pristine woods and waters that the area is known for, it was the perfect spot to have an engagement session. The sun was just lowering as we followed the path out to the shoreline, with lovely little patches lighting up parts of the trail and leaving others in shadow.  Once we got to the water, these two lovers gamely climbed the rocks to hit the best little spots (she did it better in wedge heels than I did in Birkenstocks, I bow down) and just enjoyed the solitude of a summer's evening, taking photos and soaking in the scenery.  They are so easy and natural together, with gentle touches and loving embraces, they made my job super simple.

At the end of the session, they wanted to brave the cold water and take a few shots so with a couple of extra layers on, they took a dip (they assured me it wasn't too cold, but I had been in earlier in the day and I think they were just being stoic - it is never warm in Georgian Bay!). I love the shot of them after they came out of the water, soaked and cuddled up in a blanket - that is love.

I am looking so forward to photographing your wedding next spring, Charlie & Melanie!

M xo


Carri + Graham | Doon Wedding Chapel | Kitchener Elopement Photographer

Carri & Graham had the most simple and lovely elopement at Doon Wedding Chapel in Kitchener on what happened to be the HOTTEST day of the year so far.  You would never know though, the way these two smiled, snuggled and loved their way through our time together.  The best part about a really small wedding like this is the chance to really focus on photographing the couple and their connection, which is absolutely my favourite part of any wedding day. The bride had the most beautiful knee-length dress that showed off her hourglass figure and killer pink pumps.  The groom looked dapper in his deep blue suit and brown wing-tips, with a matching watch and a white rose boutonniere.  We hit the trails along nearby Schneider's Creek to make the most of the lush green trees, trailing vines and blooming phlox.  We even found a cool, rusty, arched gateway and serene bench, which was much needed to get off our feet and out of the sun for a few moments.

Thank you Carri + Graham for asking me to be there to capture all of the moments of your day, enjoy your time in Texas!

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